Pruning • Trimming

Ornamental tree pruning – Fruit tree pruning

Proper pruning is a critical part of responsible tree care. Our ISA Certified Arborists follow ISA pruning guidelines to produce healthy, beautiful trees.

We can prune conifers / evergreens, deciduous, ornamentals, and fruit trees.

In any given year, no more than 20% – 25% of a mature tree can be removed through pruning, our Arborists will only prune as much as is safe for the tree.

Shrub pruning and shaping – Hedge shearing and shaping

We can trim your hedge efficiently and professionally, no matter its height or location on your property. Using hand-held power trimmers, pole saws, and hand-clippers, our crew members will create a sharp, beautiful hedge that will enhance your property.

Wind thinning – Diseased branch removal – Dead branch removal

Professional tree thinning and tree trimming for commercial and residential properties.

Our tree thinning service decreases wind resistance in storms, allows more sunlight to reach the landscape below, and helps open up views on your property.

Tree thinning is accomplished by crown cleaning, crown elevation and selective pruning.

Crown cleaning – Crown reduction – Crown rehabilitation/restoration

Topping a tree is bad! Topping creates many problems, including: multiple tops, tree stress, watersprouts, and an opening for parasites and fungus. We avoid topping trees.

The responsible way to reduce a tree’s height is called crown reduction

Reducing the trees’ limbs and branches properly, thus creating a view while maintaining their health.Pruning the tree knowledgeably and safely, eliminating some branches and shortening others by cutting back to a lateral. This pruning creates a natural appearance, retains a tree’s structure, prevents parasitic and fungal attack, and minimizes tree stress. Trust us to balance both your needs and the tree’s needs to create a healthy beautiful balance.