Prepare your Yard by Pruning Trees

It is a perfect time to plant your vegetable starts and get your garden going for the season but don’t neglect your large shade trees. The areas throughout the canopy that did not grow new foliage this season is dead wood.

This dead wood needs to be removed to allow all healthy growth throughout the canopy to have ample space and light for healthy tree growth this season. With the mild winter that we just had, most deciduous trees have put on a tremendous amount of good healthy growth.

But in some cases, this growth is too much weight for the trees to handle. there are a lot of low hanging limbs, heavy limbs and limbs that are breaking due to the heavy foliage weight throughout trees.

To help prevent spring and summer damage, these limbs need to be properly pruned. Overall canopy thinning and structural pruning should be done now early in the season.

Often these limbs can be used to create mulch in a wood chipper, so nothing is left to waste.

Conifer trees should also be inspected to remove all dead wood, any broken limbs and inspect overall tree health.

Let us help you provide your trees with best start they need for this growing season so they can be beautiful, healthy shade trees throughout the summer.

Schedule the professionals at Pacific Northwest Arborists for a free site visit to ensure that all trees will have the healthiest start of the season.